Glitters like Gold is not just another lifestyle blog. It’s an inspiring try it yourself blog. Glitters like Gold is a platform/space for many people who are looking for the extra motivation to improve their mental, emotional and physical well-being. I believe that in finding true happiness is to love yourself unconditionally. To love yourself, you have to do what’s necessary to take care of YOU.

It started with my own journey of loving myself. Three years ago I had gained 70 pounds while being in a toxic relationship. This relationship destroyed myself esteem when the ex-boyfriend said he couldn’t stand to see me naked. So I dumped him and started working on the things that I hated about myself.

While posting my on-going progress with my Instagram followers I thought to myself there are many others out there who have gone through or are still going through feeling unhappy with themselves. People don’t do the things that make them feel good. Whether it’s a day at the gym, a simple bubble bath and face mask or curling up to a good book. My entire life I have felt that I was put on earth to help and motivate others and those feelings and thoughts would finally come alive.

Thus, Glitters like Gold was founded. Many people no matter what phase they’re in should always be happy, because when you are truly happy and loving yourself you  Glitter like GOLD.