M.I.A and I don’t mean Miami

I’ve been Missing in Action and the only action I missed was working on myself. 

It has been a whole year since I last Blogged. While most people would feel like they have failed in up keeping a blog, I actually don’t care.  Life has kept me busy between caring for my two teenage nephews who think their grown and me making the decision to go back school to finish my degree in Art History.

Within this year I’ve gotten lazy and reduced my 4x a week days to go to the gym, to a whopping 0x a week. Resulting in me gaining 15 pounds. It’s made me depressed and self conscious. It’s even driven me to avoid everything and everyone.  I can blame it on Mercury being in Retrograde or I can accept responsibility for just being lazy. Ill take the first option and blame it on the mercury… Just Kidding!

I sit at my laptop and I reflect on myself, on the change I want and how lately as much as I want the change RIGHT NOW, it’s not happening. It’s not happening because I’m not choosing the change. I’m choosing to beat myself up for everything I’m not. I’m choosing to not be the beautiful work in progress that I am.  Some will say this Blog post was just me venting and maybe it is. While others will see it with the purpose I had in mind, which was to remind the many people I come across or may never meet that everyone falls, everyone has high and low days but if you remain true and real to yourself, dreams and goals and everything you want to be will always come a lot easier.

Stay Golden! -Maggs

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