Secrets of the Aztecs

A secret you don’t have to travel to Mexico for!
Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay is definitely bae and this bae is LIFE! My little sister had actually bought it first and me being the Mrs. Nosey body that I am ended up taking the jar and hiding it from her. Its apart of my weekly regimen. My Sunday MUST!!

It’s Bentonite clay which is a clay that is mined from the earth, and it’s formed after volcanic ash has weathered and aged in the presence of water. It has a strong negative electromagnetic charge, and when activated by water, it acts like a magnet in and on our bodies, pulling metals and toxins to it. Instructions do say to mix it with either vinegar or water and I HATE the smell of vinegar so I just use water.

I leave the clay mask on for 30 minutes. Instructions also say you will start to feel your face, pulsating, which is true but I bluntly admit the first few times my face hurt since the mask feels like its pulling. Every now and then, my face still hurts which is why i recommend a weekly use or every two weeks.

I get my 2lb jar for 12.50 from

One of these days i’m intending in covering my entire body in the clay. I’ll let you guys know how that goes!


FullSizeRender (5)
My face hurting while the clay dries up.
FullSizeRender (4)
A family who masks together stays together! P.S. My nephew would die if he saw this (LOL)

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