yoga TO go

Meet Tevin Hercules. Longtime friend and new yoga instructor!

I met Tevin back in high school, who was dealing with a lot of self esteem issues himself. He’s taken the past few years to work on everything he disliked about himself and he’s proud to say he Glitters like Gold too. 

When he told me he was trained and hired by Yoga To the People here in NYC, I asked if he was willing to take me on as a private client since trying new yoga poses in front of other people I didn’t know was not something I was too excited about. 

For $30 dollars, you get a private in home or your choice of location full hour of yoga with the Hercules. For more info feel free to contact Tevin

FYI I did die from this yoga session and my thighs are STILL burning but I enjoyed the good stretch and burn.

FullSizeRender (8).jpgfullsizerender-5fullsizerender-6

Stay Golden!

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