Feel Good Essentials

The phrase “It’s the little things that matter” is not just another cliche if you just take a moment and look inside your purse or bag.

Seriously, Take a look! What do you see?
Most people do not realize that their everyday essentials such as lotion, a mirror, lipgloss,  nook/book or your favorite Chanel sunnies are things that make you feel good. Your lotion keeps your hands baby soft. Your mirror gives you the help you need to put on your Mac nude lipgloss. Your sunnies complete your outfit, topping off your fabulous look.

I personally keep Bath and Body lavender or eucalyptus hand sanitizer in my bag at all times since the smell soothes me when my anxiety kicks it. I also carry cuticle oil for when it’s cold out to keep my nails from looking dry. I carry things that I use to make sure my appearance is kept up to par which I call “my feel good essentials.” Un subconsciously we all do this and if we paid more attention to those insignificant things we carry we’d realize that on a daily basis we are doing things that make us feel good.

Trust me the “Little things matter” when your lips are chapped and you’re inches away from a kiss.



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