Resetting the Clocks

Forget everything you think you know about yourself and reset the clock.

When you’re in the pursuit of becoming the happiest version of yourself you have to be open to change. That involves changing your attitude, your actions, and your thoughts. Your attitude towards yourself and people affect how you feel and quite frankly if you feel like shit, then guess what you’re most likely sitting on your couch with a pizza than out doing something that makes your soul feel good. Trust me If you’re like moi and hate people, I completely understand but you have a long way to go. I’ve come a long way from being an extreme Bitch to only half of one (lol!)  Remember I’m a work in progress. YOU ARE TOO!

If you can go to bed early and sleep your little life away. Reset your inner clock and your outer clock. In the morning your body, mind, and soul will start brand new. Some days it’s hard. I know! Many of us have a thousand things to do whether it’s cleaning a house, taking care of your kids, etc. But take a moment and realize you can’t be the happiest version of you if you don’t ever put yourself first. You’ll probably reset your clock a million, trillion times. THAT’S OKAY!! I reset my clock my every week and continue to work on being open to change.

Stay Golden!





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