Pearly Whites

My teeth are the second most important thing to me after my hair. Yes, that sounds shallow and quite frankly I don’t really give a shit. When you’ve had braces for close to three years and was the ugly duckling back in middle school like I was you’d care too.When you endure the torture of having your teeth straightened with wires and metal contraptions like I have, I’ve come to hate dentists. I avoid them at all costs unless necessary.

So instead of going for whitening treatment with my dentist, (which by the way was beyond painful the first time), I bought Crest 3Dwhite Luxe Professional effects. You can purchase these almost anywhere. I typically purchase them at CVS for 54.99.

While it still can be painful if left on for too long, It’s the way I keep my smile fabulous and my teeth looking pearly white. Make sure you follow the instructions to an exact word because if not you’ll end up like my sister who had a bad reaction of sensitivity and cried. LOL!

Stay Golden!

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