Do you look in the mirror and love what you see? 

I used to say No. I used to pick at everything I HATED about myself because our reflections are your own worst enemy.

For years, many have made comments about my weight. How I could be prettier if I lost a few pounds. Then I would lose the weight and I was then told don’t lose too much. While everyone around me had an opinion of me, what was mine? What was my own damn opinion of ME?

I didn’t have one. I was what everyone wanted me to be.

I’ve  been cheated on by boyfriends with far skinner women. Left to wonder what’s wrong with me. I’ve been left to roam a Met museum by myself because my former boyfriend at the time couldn’t find the words to say “he thought I was too big.” Mind you his Momma was hitting 300 pounds. I’ve been told ” Your gut is the reason why we split.” by whole other former boyfriend and Yet I was left with everyone else’s opinions but my own.

I looked in my mirror every day and the reflection I saw was not who I was supposed to be. Overweight. Depressed and unhappy. So I slept my depression away and slept for more than 12 hours. I woke up and looked at that very same reflection I hated looking at, and I told myself I love you. I love you just as you are and it was the first time I became the reflection I wanted to be. I began to be my own damn opinion.

While my weight is my issue, what’s yours? Do you look in the mirror and say i love you. I love you just as you are. Is the reflection you see is the reflection you should be, not what you want to be?

Let the reflection that stares back at you say I love you. No hate just pure self-love. Love yourself so much you Glitter like Fuckin Gold!

Stay Golden.

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