Counting Calories

Many say there’s no fun in counting calories. I couldn’t agree anymore.But to save the trouble of doing so,  I use the My fitness Pal app.

It was introduced to me by my trainer who said, losing weight is a math problem.

One pound = 3500 hundred calories.

So in order to lose weight, you have to reduce your intake on calories and hit the treadmill. I keep track of everything I eat and the cups of water I drink on a daily basis.

The app keeps the meals that I frequently eat pre-saved so it’s easier to add them to my daily food diary.  It also calculates how many calories you should be taking in on a daily basis by inserting your current weight, your goal weight and if you have a sedentary, or physical job.

I recommend this app highly to those many people who are just starting out. You can see how may calories you eat in a day and where you can cut some calories out.

The app has many other features that can help guide you to a healthier you.

Try it &

Stay Golden!

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