The Struggle

The struggle is real and many can say the same thing.

This is the no judgment zone. I am not a Dr. Miami product, my butt isn’t Brazilian. I am also not the product of a 30-day challenge that cuts carbs from your diet, and I’m not in recovery from any bypass surgeries. No crazy diets and no beyond extreme workouts

I am the product of hard work. Like I said before this is the no judgment zone because, however one has decided to improve their look or get healthy is to each your own but it’s been my own personal choice to work hard at losing weight. I decided I didn’t want to suffer by cutting out all the foods I love. I LOVE food! Who doesn’t?!

For years I have struggled with my weight by being the girl with such a beautiful face but always being “too” chubby or “you have such a beautiful face. If only you were Skinner.” Such words came from everywhere. Friends, family, strangers and boyfriends.

These past two years I have become the heaviest I’ve ever been. A whopping 245 pounds. Six months ago I decided fuck feeling like shit. Fuck letting my struggles get the best of me. So I hired my trainer back for a kick in the ass and I’m down to 197 pounds!

Still counting….

I have good days and bad days. While most people will have a cheat meal, I will have a cheat day full of Oreo’s and pizza, but I’m honest about it. I never want anyone to think that losing weight the healthy way or losing weight period is a walk in the park. Most diets cut out all carbs and the moment you decide to have a smidgen of carbs you gain a ton of weight back.

I try many different things that will be featured on here and hope that you find the motivation I have found. Start somewhere and Remember life isn’t easy and getting healthy or your “dream bod” won’t be easy either but stay patient, stay motivated,

Stay Golden.

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