Let’s face it eating healthy is boring.

I have wanted to shoot myself once or twice from the mere thought of eating salads foreva and eva. To eat the same thing over and over again, well that’s boring. It’s the biggest reason why we hate eating what’s good for us. Till…

I stumbled upon the magazine, Eating Well. A pure accident of course because I meant to subscribe to a fashion magazine. Instead, I got this. Before throwing it away, I actually read it and found hundreds of recipes, that included fat percentage, calories, and alternatives for things I don’t like to eat within the recipes.

It has become my recipe bible. I put post-its on the recipes I want to try, get my ingredients and proceed to cook. Point in case Eating Well helps me try new things without ever letting me get bored. A new issue= new ideas.

Click the link. Try it &

Stay Golden!

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